Seeking Guidance on Accessing Bitcoin Wallet with Found Private Key

Hi guys… I’m facing a challenge with a Bitcoin wallet that belonged to my late brother. Years ago, he invested in Bitcoin, and recently we discovered paperwork containing the wallet address and private key. However, I’m unsure how to import this wallet to access the funds. I don’t have the security phrase, only the private key. Can anyone guide me on how to safely access and utilize these funds? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated during this difficult time. Thank you.


Download Electrum, create a new wallet, and import your key.


Please remember not to share your private key material with anyone.


Download Sparrow, generate a wallet using the provided key material, establish a new secure wallet, and proceed to transfer the funds.

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Start by practicing with a small amount initially to prevent accidental exposure of the private key. Purchase a small quantity of Bitcoin from an exchange such as Coinbase and attempt to transfer it to a hardware wallet. Then, endeavor to move these funds to another wallet on the exchange using only the passphrase or private key associated with the new wallet. This simulates the process of withdrawing funds by selling Bitcoin for USD. Once you’ve successfully completed this process, you can replicate it using your brother’s private keys.