Isn't it all just a gamble, really?

I’m relatively new to owning any significant BTC. I’ve followed it for years out of interest, but I’m more inclined towards traditional investments and their long-term returns. Despite this, I’ve done well by consistently investing every month regardless of market conditions. Now, with the potential for endless money printing, I’ve decided to diversify into BTC.

I’ve started Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) into BTC at $25 a day, though I may increase this amount later. I find it challenging to apply my knowledge of traditional markets to BTC, as they don’t always correlate, which is part of the appeal.

However, I often come across predictions like “BTC will reach $300k by 2030!”, which seem arbitrary and wishful. Predictions of $100k have been circulating for years without materializing. Chart analysis and predictions about support and resistance levels often prove inaccurate, yet many remain confident in their forecasts.

I’m curious about the long-term outlook for BTC and crypto as a whole, and how others rationalize investing in them over assets with established track records like the S&P 500. Do you prioritize BTC exclusively or split your retirement planning between traditional investments and BTC?

I’d like to hear from the subreddit. Some of you seem comfortable with the risks involved, while others treat it like a surefire bet.


Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new asset class with inherent risks. Do your research and invest only what you can afford to lose.

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