I asked AI to predict Bitcoin price

Chat-GP, won’t make predictions on future prices directly, but you can get around this by asking it to write a TV show script where characters predict Bitcoin prices.

I asked it to “write a script for a TV show where two characters guess what the price of Bitcoin will be in 2030.” From that script, one of the characters guessed the price would be $230,000.

Then I asked the same question for the year 2070, and the guess given was $1.6 million. :sweat_smile:


Quite interesting: :sweat_smile: While 230k in 2030 might sound bullish 1,6M in 2070 is bearish af.

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1.6 million in 2070 will be the minimum wage lmao. If inflations and the devaluation of the dollar continue and there is no revolt first.