How to pay someone a fixed amount of $ with bitcoin?


I hope this makes sense.

I am trying to buy something from the grey market again, but my seller has switched to Bitcoin payments because of pressure from her banks.

Here is what I want to do, since I do not have any Bitcoin and do not want to own or invest in it:

  • I go to a platform where cryptocurrencies are traded
  • I enter the amount in dollars I want to spend (let’s say $100)
  • The platform instantly converts the $100 to Bitcoin and sends it to the seller

That is it. I do not want to own crypto, just pay with it without any extra steps or needing a wallet.

Does such a service exist? If yes, which platforms offer this with minimal fees?

Thanks in advance.


That justification seems like something a con artist would say.

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When you buy Bitcoin, you provide the address that the seller provided you when you made your withdrawal, and he gives you his wallet address. You can do it on a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Gemini, etc., or on a Bitcoin ATM (high fees apply).

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A hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin does not exist. The cost varies from location to location and minute to minute.

Installing your wallet is up to you. Apps for bitcoin wallets are free.

You find out how much Bitcoin the person selling your goods wants. You use a reputable price comparison website to ensure you aren’t getting overcharged. Make use of a calculator. You add 0.00001 BTC for fees if the amount is reasonable, and then you purchase that exact amount of Bitcoin into your wallet. The vendor receives the precise amount that was agreed upon between you.

You should have roughly 0.000006, or 26 cents, remaining in your wallet if your calculations are correct.

This should not be attempted without a wallet. Both money and time will be lost greatly. Only when both parties accept Bitcoin can it function correctly. You therefore require a wallet. You are not required to keep Bitcoin in your wallet (apart from the 26 cents that remain).

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