How Can I Buy iTunes with Bitcoin?

Huge Apple Music fan here, but my wallet’s currently stocked with Bitcoin, not dollars. Apparently, Apple doesn’t accept crypto directly for iTunes purchases. Bummer! Anyone have a workaround for this? Is there a way to use my Bitcoin to buy iTunes credit or gift cards? Security is a big concern too, so any info on reputable services would be amazing. Hoping to keep the music flowing without breaking the bank (or converting all my Bitcoin) Thanks in advance…

Cryptorefills lets you buy iTunes or Apple gift cards with Bitcoin through their website or Android/iOS apps. It’s the best platform for shopping with crypto, offering fast delivery with instant digital product access.

Consider using the peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace Robosats. Offer your iTunes gift card as a buyer and try to find a seller who is ready to accept it. You’ll most likely need to give a premium of about 7%, in my opinion.

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