Free cloud mining?

Hey guys, does anyone know of a legitimate free cloud mining site?

I am testing right now, but I have not achieved the minimum yet to check if it truly works.


I would avoid relying on “free” cloud mining sites, as many of them are hoaxes or unsustainable. Legitimate cloud mining companies are transparent, whereas free websites frequently lack details and make exaggerated return guarantees.

Rather than putting your time and money at risk with unproven free mining, I recommend looking at known commercial cloud mining platforms like Genesis Mining, Hashflare, or Minergate, all of which have track records that you can examine. There are many frauds in the cloud mining field, so you must exercise extreme caution.

Hope this will be helpful.


Even real mining isn’t profitable anymore, so no site is going to pay you for fake mining. It’s all just a scam, man.


Avoid fake links and platforms to prevent experiences like ours. My husband and I saved through our business to buy a $370,000.00 truck but got scammed by a man who promised to double our investment in a fake mining pool site. Thankfully, @Cavecyber on Instagram helped us recover all our scammed money. They are truly the best. Ignore other comments and send them a message now for assistance. They’re amazing.

1 Like and similar sites often offer promotions for opening an account, such as a $25 bonus for signing up and holding the initial deposit in their coin.

There are also platforms that aren’t strictly about “mining” but rather incremental data handling, paying users in small amounts (literally pennies) for allowing data collection or processing using their internet connection, graphics card, or CPU. Honeygain/Jumptask is one example, offering a few cents a day based on your network traffic, with Jumptask paying out in their JMPT coin on the Binance Smart Chain.

Salad is another interesting option, running and collecting pennies daily, with occasional promotions that double the earnings rate. Accumulated earnings are in USD, but they are primarily redeemable for games or donations.

Exploring various exchange platforms that offer “gift” amounts for opening an account might be worthwhile.

Many free cloud mining sites promise high returns with no investment, which often turns out to be too good to be true. They may collect personal information or require payments for withdrawal.