Does anyone else watch the mempool and get lost in their own trance?

You may see the real-time assembly of every blockchain block by visiting the website. As each square is moved, you can click on it to see what happens. You observe them moving about until the blocked area is mined, at which point it restarts. I ponder each individual involved in every transaction. How do they proceed? What emotions they are experiencing. Are these their savings for life? Is someone famous or wealthy having fun? Is this a thoughtful present or something nefarious?

It is similar to simultaneously viewing the matrix code, an abstract painting, and a pond filled with koi fish.

It is a genuinely beautiful object.

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Hi Franklyn… Your description beautifully captures the complexity and intrigue surrounding blockchain transactions. It’s fascinating to think about the diverse motivations and emotions of individuals involved in each transaction, from those saving for life goals to possibly famous or wealthy individuals engaging for enjoyment or as part of a larger strategy. The transparency of blockchain allows us to glimpse into this intricate web of activity, akin to observing both the intricacies of matrix code and the serene movements of koi fish in a pond. Indeed, the process of blockchain assembly and transaction can be seen as a genuinely beautiful and abstract spectacle, merging technology with human intention and curiosity.


Yes, I sometimes do this too, can relate! I also think the site looks beautiful. Does anyone know who’s maintaining it?