Do you remember "Zeitgeist: The Movie"?

Hey guys, do you remember “Zeitgeist: The Movie”? I watched it way before Bitcoin was even a thing…

It’s kind of eerie how a lot of what they talked about seems to be happening now. I really believe this movie played a part in sparking interest in Bitcoin today.

Check out this quick clip about the Fed from it: Link
What are your views on it…?


Wow!! I’ve been binge-watching all three recently. Peter Joseph really has a unique vision. A big part of their message is about realizing the Venus Project, a complete overhaul of society. Could Bitcoin be the catalyst for the changes we need to achieve that? It feels like it’s time for people to reclaim their power.


The Venus Project wasn’t associated with Peter Joseph. It’s the visionary concept of a far more significant figure who should be recognized alongside Carl Sagan. Perhaps in the distant future, looking back, Jacque Fresco might receive the recognition he deserves.


I know. The original documentary features mostly narration by PJ and interviews with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows.

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“Zeitgeist: The Movie” undoubtedly prompted debate on matters such as central banking and monetary policy, which are consistent with several themes in the Bitcoin community. It is fascinating to watch how historical ideas intersect with current movements such as cryptocurrencies. I will look into the clip you gave!