Best bitcoin accelerator? Coins stuck pending

Do you know which bitcoin accelerators are the best? Although ViaBTC seems interesting, you have to pay them $50 to mine your unconfirmed transactions on the blockchain. F2pool is just about $25, but I want a provider that is guaranteed to perform the job. I know the free accelerators do not work since I have already tried them and it is been 24 hours and nothing has changed.

My coins are still pending; they have not received a single confirmation in more than a day. Since it was the same wallet, I attempted to send coins back into that address to see if it would cause it to pick up the second transaction. However, that did not work, and the Android bitcoin wallet software does not support RBF and cbpb, or however those abbreviations are spelled. I just do not sure which accelerator service will genuinely function, so any advice would be helpful.


Are people still utilizing the Bitcoin protocol, which breaks the coin sign BTC? Is that something? Interesting. My life is better now that I haven’t touched that poo in a very long time.

BCH takes the victory! I also adore my privacy coins (XMR).

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Give up using the BTC scamcoin; you’ll regret it.

Some functional networks, like as Monero and BitcoinCash, operate amazingly well.